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The Richfield Oil Building

November 17, 2014
Richfield Oil Zabriskie Point

If ever faced with the impossible task of choosing to revive only one demolished building in Los Angeles, it would have to be the Richfield Oil Building. 

Completed in 1929, the headquarters for the Richfield Oil Company stood at the northwest corner of Sixth and Flower Streets in downtown Los Angeles. Designed by architect Stiles O. Clements, of partners Morgan, Walls, & Clements, the 12 story steel-frame structure had an incredibly detailed Art Deco facade made of black terra cotta and gold-dust accent tiles. The distinct color combination, shared only with the American Radiator building, was meant to represent Richfield’s “black gold” industry. I imagine it was one of the best Art Deco buildings on the entire west coast and certainly the most distinct structure in the Los Angeles skyline.

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A Day In The San Francisco Bay

November 10, 2014
San Francisco Bay 10

We frequently visit San Francisco and while we enjoy exploring like locals, we also shamelessly indulge in touristy activities. On our most recent trip, we realized we’d never been on a boat in the San Francisco Bay. We hadn’t given it much thought since we had seen it from countless vantage points around the city, and really, would it look any different from a boat? On our last morning of the trip, we found a Groupon deal for the Red and White Fleet’s Bridge 2 Bridge tour so we took it as a sign to try it out.

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Whats Inside The Historic Park Plaza Hotel?

November 4, 2014

Although it’s called the Park Plaza Hotel, you won’t find any pillow top mattresses, room service, or concierge here. Even if you haven’t tried (and failed at) booking a stay, you’ve probably seen the Park Plaza Hotel dozens of times without even realizing it. Due to its unique and historic interior and exterior, it has been used in countless movies (Gangster Squad, anyone?), TV shows and commercials. When it isn’t being used for a set location, it is usually booked for weddings, private parties, and other special events.

So why even call it a hotel?

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