Burbank City Hall

October 14, 2014
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In the heart of Burbank, there lies an Art Deco time capsule. Designed by architects William Allen and George Lutzi, Burbank City Hall is the essence of WPA Moderne-style.

Built in 1943, the municipal building has remained fully intact and still serves its original purpose, which makes it one of our favorite historic buildings in LA based on merit alone.

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Inside, the 77-foot tall ceiling of the center structure soars overhead with streamline curves laden in white and gold, hugging every surface. The lobby boasts nineteen different types of marble, including a compass rose design honoring the aerospace industry. The grand staircase with brass railing presents a mural by Hugo Ballin, depicting the key industries of Burbank. The wooden pews on the mezzanine sit stoically, bathing in streams of light that leak through the concrete-cast facade.

The lobby is open to the public, no appointment or tour required. Open Monday – Friday.

Burbank City Hall
275 E Olive Ave
Burbank, CA 91502

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