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Welcome to South On Spring! My name is Hunter and I’m an architectural photographer living in Los Angeles.

I have a strong penchant for historic architecture (particularly movie palaces), traveling, 30’s jazz music, film noir, Art Deco anything, and other material elements of bygone eras – surviving or demolished otherwise.

I began this blog as a visual collection of my adventures throughout the city, and as an ode to the well-designed and thriving past of downtown LA. As the years have passed, I have amassed a personal archive of tens of thousands of photos documenting the changing environment of DTLA. I decided to begin blogging on my own website, HunterKerhart.Com, as it is a much easier and cohesive process. To those who have followed my short-lived journey on this site, I appreciate your readership and support.


Thank you for visiting.

⋅⋅ Hunter

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